A human service,
Innovative solutions

A complete integration
of your ICT infrastructure

Networks, servers, storage, systems management, databases, back-ups, DRP, integrated security solutions, cloud … Our passionate Uptime ICT team can take care of the integration of your ICT infrastructure, from comprehensive advice to the customised configuration of your tools.

Our mission & your business

Each of our customers is unique. That’s why our experts, specialised in ICT infrastructure integration, offer you a tailor-made service using cutting-edge, high-performance technologies with a single objective: to develop the innovative solution that will perfectly meet your needs.

Our Values

These are the values that guide our work and enable us to offer you a high quality service every day. Choosing Uptime ICT means you can count on a flexible and reliable partner who will put its expertise at the service of your satisfaction.

Our services

Besides providing ICT infrastructure, which is our DNA, our added value mainly lies in the experience and expertise of the consultants we put at your service. We also offer managed services to meet your support and maintenance needs.

A team of 70 passionate employees

At Uptime ICT, our account managers, system engineers, consultants, technicians and specialists carry out a permanent technological watch, regularly train, benefit from state-of-the-art test labs and put their skills and know-how at the service of your project. Thanks to the rigour of our administrative team, we can meet our deadline commitments, put our resources at your disposal and deliver our projects with an obligation of result.

Our solutions

Whether you need to develop a hyper-converged infrastructure, a storage system, a multi-tiered network, high-performance servers or to secure your IT park and your mobile users, Uptime ICT offers each customer tailor-made solutions while respecting their budget and the technological constraints of the project.


Our different clouds

Discover the possibilities of cloud computing in your company. Consolidate your resources, applications, and services into a virtual network that can be accessed by your employees and customers anytime, anywhere. Pave the way for easy-to-use, scalable solutions for all of your company’s activities.

Uptime ICT has in-house cloud expertise and can offer you a wide range of cloud-based services:

Private Cloud: Develop your own cloud environment and keep your data and your customers’ data within your own company. Provide your own security, tailored to your business and needs, and maintain full control over all aspects of your cloud environment.

Public Cloud (Azure, AWS, Google): Opt for a highly flexible and scalable cloud environment with a minimum of hassle. Rely on the Uptime Group’s cloud service provider and have all or part of your cloud environment managed and maintained by an expert, under a transparent service contract. You can also benefit from numerous additional services and solutions that support your business.

Hybrid Cloud: Combine the security of a private cloud with the flexibility of a public cloud. You can choose where to place your data and still benefit from the flexibility that a cloud service provider can offer you, to absorb peak hours or provide additional services, for example.

Our references

From the hospital sector to the federal, community, regional or local public institutions of our country, to universities and large private companies, Uptime ICT has established itself over the years as a first choice partner. We would like to thank our customers, with whom we have established a solid collaboration and a long-lasting “win-win” partnership, for placing their trust in us.

Looking for tomorrow’s talent

Uptime ICT is always on the lookout for motivated new talent to join a team of employees who are passionate about new technologies. What if you were the new Uptime ICT asset?

A large network of specialized partners

Thanks to the network of specialized experts that surrounds it, Uptime ICT is able to provide a personalized and efficient solution to meet the needs of each of its clients.