Our solutions


Uptime ICT offers each customer a tailor-made IT infrastructure and architecture. By actively listening to our customers’ needs, and thanks to our technological knowledge and long-standing expertise, we are able to offer customised solutions tailored to each customer’s requirements while respecting the project’s budget and technological constraints.


Billions of data circulate every day in our hyper-connected world. The volumes of data to be stored are increasingly important and we want to access them faster and faster, wherever we are. Hybrid cloud, hyperconverged infrastructure, physical data centre… Uptime ICT will design the data processing and storage system that fully meets the requirements of your company.

A wide range of customisable storage systems

Uptime ICT offers a wide range of storage systems that meet the real needs of our customers. Regardless of the brand, the solutions we offer are above all designed to meet the identified technical requirements. Whether they are NAS (CIFS, NFS…), SAN (FCP, iSCSI, Infiniband…), archive, backup or object (S3) oriented, each solution is tailored to the customer’s needs in order to guarantee the durability of his investment.

The storage architectures are designed according to the RTO and RPO required by the customer as well as with a view to ensuring maximum security of the implemented system (Cryptolock, …).


Companies are implementing more and more intelligent devices and machines that are transforming their daily lives and the way they work. The key to the efficiency of these tools lies in their ability to communicate with each other. In order to assist you in the evolution of your organisation, Uptime ICT ensures optimal communication between all your devices thanks to the implementation of a fast, secure, solid and reliable network.

An optimal connection in all circumstances

Over the years, networks have become one of the most critical elements of companies’ IT infrastructures. Stability and end-to-end performance must be guaranteed from the CORE DC to the Edge to the end user, regardless of where the connection is made: locally via cable or Wi-Fi, on the move or at home.


At a time when it is easier to get into the Pentagon than to find your Facebook profile codes, Uptime ICT makes the security of your data a priority. Your internal network and your fixed and mobile devices will be protected by state-of-the-art firewalls, equipped with intrusion prevention systems and walls impenetrable by malware. Whether you access your data via Wi-Fi or cable, on site, on the road or at home, we will ensure that all your business assets are secure.

Guaranteed security from A to Z

Security includes not only the most visible aspects such as antivirus or filters (client antivirus, server antivirus, sandboxing, web-filtering, mail-filtering, Firewalling, …), but also the basic elements of our ADs, the segmentation of networks, the identification of users on the network, not forgetting the permanent updating of OS and other applications. All these points of attention are discussed with our customers in each project.


Hyperconverged infrastructure cleverly combines the computing power and storage of software, middleware and hardware into a single software component. This type of infrastructure has many advantages: it is quick and easy to set up and use, and it takes up very little space, which means that it can be operated with limited electricity consumption. This solution is an ideal alternative for companies with limited space or small IT departments.

Ideal architectures for virtualised environments

Hyperconverged architectures guarantee a high degree of automation for virtualised environments and VDI projects, which can significantly reduce management costs over the entire investment period. However, some environments are not suitable for a hyperconverged infrastructure, such as large NAS environments or transactional databases.


Servers are a fundamental part of our data centres: they play a key role in the deployment of IT systems. That’s why we believe it’s important to offer our customers tailor-made support so they can choose the right solution for their needs.

A tailor-made formula for every budget

Thanks to the expertise of our teams, we can advise our customers on all aspects relevant to them, from virtualisation (VMware, HyperV or OLVM) to database environments, and assess the risks for them. At every stage, Uptime ICT advises you in order to determine the requirements and to find the optimal formula that will perfectly meet your needs and budget.